Teacher Benefits from Technology in the Classroom

When we discuss technology, we are referring not only to programs that students can use but also to programs that help teachers do their jobs behind-the-scenes more quickly and efficiently. In our previous post on digital equity in education, we discussed the...

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Digital Equity in Education

Technology is a growing part of every classroom, both as a tool for teachers and as a tool for students. Leveraging new programs, apps, and websites can make learning fun and can help with students’ retention of material. Switching up lesson plans also allows a break...

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No More Days off due to Inclement Weather?

Less than two decades ago during the winter months, children would go to bed thinking that the next morning might bring a coveted snow day. In the morning, they’d turn on the TV or radio and frantically listen for their school’s name to confirm the day off – all the...

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The Executive Function Hypothesis

The Executive Function Hypothesis was developed in the 1970s by Karl Pribram and other experts in psychology and psychiatry. Russell Barkley, Ph.D., defines executive function as “the cognitive or mental abilities that people need to actively pursue goals,” and it is...

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Breakfast and the Body

We all know the phrase, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” However, when the school year starts and busy parents struggle to prepare their children for the school day, the morning meal can often fall by the wayside. While businesses from drive-throughs...

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Whole Brain Teaching

In recent years, whole brain teaching (WBT) has sparked many conversations across the country — and even some controversy. The movement began in 1999 and has grown ever since. Whole Brain Teaching has become widely-known primarily due to the dynamic and engaging...

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Real-World Walkabouts

Are you a creative teacher? Do you believe in keeping kids moving during the school day without taking away from instructional time? Do you want to hear from other teachers about active learning exercises? Then keep reading! The Initiative The Real-World...

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Active Learning for the Holidays

Even though the winter chill may keep your students inside during recess, there are plenty of ways to expend excess energy during the school day. The holiday season is a treasure trove of creative active learning ideas to help you reinforce key concepts with your...

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Active Learning for Thanksgiving

Use the Thanksgiving holiday to help refresh key educational concepts for your students. Thanksgiving Spelling Bee Select Thanksgiving-oriented words, and host a spelling bee. Ask all students to stand. Start on the left side of the room. Call out a grade-appropriate...

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