Scavenger Hunt for a Summer Hike with Children

Taking your kids on a summer hike can be an adventure! Incorporating a scavenger hunt into the hike can add competition for older kids and an “I Spy” element for younger kids to keep everyone engaged and excited about both the journey and the destination....

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Practicing Fine Motor Skills

Teachers of young children understand the importance of fine motor skills and how to develop those abilities in their students. Fine motor skills also aid in children’s mental development, so they are excellent learning opportunities. What are fine motor skills? They...

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Stay Active! Summer Challenge

To help your child stay active this summer, Walkabouts has created the Stay Active! Summer Challenge for pre-K to 2nd-grade students! The idea is simple – we’ve created a checklist of activities for children to complete during the summer. Print out our Stay Active...

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Real-World Walkabouts: Moving Money

Your students will love learning about money in May's Real-World Walkabout, Moving Money, in which they are given enlarged coins and bills and must move together to assemble the correct amount for each word problem. Subject Area math Skills money Grade Levels Second...

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What Teachers Say about Teacher Appreciation Day

The first full week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week. We are so thankful for the hard work and sacrifice teachers make for the sake of their students. Our teachers' drive, diligence, generosity, energy, and passion to shape minds are awe-inspiring and worthy of our...

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The Power of Positivity

It goes without saying that a positive school environment is beneficial for everyone. The power of positivity can make the day enjoyable, build self-esteem, motivate exceptional performance, evoke a sense of pride in meaningful work, and increase confidence in...

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Kinesthetic Learning Activities for Earth Day

Earth Day is the perfect time to get students out of their seats (and even out of the classroom!) for some kinesthetic learning. Schoolyard Trash Pick Up Provide trash bags and non-latex surgical gloves for students. Take the class outside to pick up trash and...

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Real-World Walkabouts: High Frequency Word Sleuths

April's Real-World Walkabout asks students to don their Sherlock Holmes' style caps and become High Frequency Word Sleuths. How many words can students spot? Subject Area literacy Skills high frequency words Grade Levels Kindergarten - 2nd Materials Needed copy of...

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The Truth About Video Games

At this point, it’s common knowledge that childhood obesity is growing at an alarming rate in the United States. Parents, educators, and researchers alike are searching for the cause and ways to reverse the trend and increase physical activity in children. Video games...

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Research Behind Activity Breaks

According to a 2016 science paper, the average elementary school student is distracted more than a quarter of the time he or she spends in class. Does this sound familiar? What are you doing in your classroom to keep your students engaged and on task? One way to keep...

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