Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I create, play and save a Walkabout?

Creating and saving a Walkabout is simple and takes just a few seconds. After you log in, click the green Create a brand new Walkabout button. Choose a grade, subject, subcategory, and standard. Then, click Play Walkabout. After the Walkabout loads, click the orange Start Lesson button. (To download a simple visual overview, click here — or you can watch short how to videos here.)

What is the Walkabouts platform? Who is ActivEd?

Inspired by years of research by founder Dr. Julian Reed, Walkabouts are online, on-demand activities that bring educational standards to life with fun, kid-friendly movement. The system was created by a company Dr. Reed founded called ActivEd — a company that now includes an entire team of curriculum specialists, teachers and developers.

Why should teachers use Walkabouts?

Teachers use Walkabouts for a number of reasons. Some like Walkabouts because of how the lessons integrate movement with standards-based content. Many like how Walkabouts link core concepts to fundamental movements in meaningful, memorable ways. Other teachers simply like Walkabouts because they make learning fun.

What types of students benefit from using Walkabouts?

Students of all learning styles can benefit from Walkabouts. Originally conceived for kinesthetic learners, the proven approach contextualizes fundamental concepts for physical learners, while also engaging other learning types in movements that enhance motor skills, increase heart rate and stimulate cognitive activity.

Do I have to add students and create teams? How do I do that if I want to?

Adding students and using teams are not required. To add students, simply click the Students and Teams tab after you’ve logged in. Select Add Student and follow the prompts to input each student’s information. If you’d like to assign students to teams, start by setting up a team. Then, go to a student record and click Add, choose the team and save.

Are all Standards for Math and ELA covered?

Currently, the Walkabouts platform includes a wide range of content addressing various math, language arts, and reading standards for prekindergarten through second grade.

Do I need any special equipment for Walkabouts?

Because the Walkabouts platform is web-based, Walkabouts can be accessed from any computer with an up-to-date browser — and can be used in classrooms with whatever technology is typically used with that computer (including digital white boards or projectors). The platform can also be accessed via mobile devices. This is particularly useful for teachers who wish to utilize the assessment functions built into the system. To print Walksheets (downloadable PDF worksheets), teachers need Adobe Reader and a printer. For more information about school-wide implementation of Walkabouts, click here.

How much classroom space is typically needed for Walkabouts?

We recognize that all classrooms are different. That’s why we developed a flexible system that can be used by students either beside their desks or in common classroom space such as in front of a projector screen. Anywhere students can see and hear a large screen is perfect for Walkabouts. In addition to those typical classroom applications, Walkabouts can also be used as group activities for before- and afterschool programs.

How do I get Walkabouts at my school?

Like most curriculum and educational resources, the Walkabouts platform is represented by a network of experts who provide sales and support to schools and districts across the country. Unlike most subscription software platforms, however, Walkabouts is licensed per school or district and not by desk. If you’d like a member of our sales team to reach out to you or your school, please use this contact form.