With all of the EdTech products available today, how do you decide what to purchase for your school or classroom? EdSurge offers a solid list of EdTech questions to ask companies before you buy.  To help you make an informed decision about Walkabouts, we’ve answered EdSurge’s questions.

Here’s how Walkabouts stack up.

What is this tool designed to accomplish?

Walkabouts are web-based lessons designed to integrate movement with language arts, reading, and math content for pre-K to second grade students. Walkabouts are a supplement to traditional lessons and are correlated to each state’s standards. Pre-K and some kindergarten Walkabouts are also correlated to Head Start and NAEYC standards.

What research informed the product development?

ActivEd founder Dr. Julian Reed is among the nation’s leading researchers exploring the relationship between issues such as obesity and academic achievement. Research clearly shows that an active education leads to:

  • Increased student engagement and achievement
  • Improved comportment
  • Reduced behavior referrals
  • Adoption of healthy habits and reduced obesity

Who is this tool designed for and how were they involved in the creation of the tool?

Walkabouts are designed for teachers and parents by current and former teachers and parents. In addition to their years of experience, they conducted extensive research and used the insights from their findings to write the Walkabouts lessons and corresponding Walksheets. (Walksheets are downloadable worksheets that include a movement component.)

What types of studies have been conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of product?

Independent researchers at Iowa State University and the University of California at Irvine examined the impact of Walkabouts as a supplement to traditional lessons versus controls with traditional lessons alone. Pre-K to second grade students exposed to Walkabouts’ standards-aligned, physically engaging lessons for eight weeks showed significant improvements in inattention, reduction in hyperactivity, and increase in classroom engagement, an indicator of academic performance in math and language arts.

The Walkabouts platform is the only movement-based supplement for pre-K to second grade students proven to increase focus, decrease hyperactivity, and increase classroom engagement, an indicator of academic performance in math and language arts.

What training and support will you offer to ensure we implement the solution properly and get the most out of it?

Walkabouts are easy to use. Teachers just need a computer and a projector to play a Walkabout in a few simple steps. Most schools and teachers do not require in-depth training. However, we offer video tutorials, quick reference guides, and if needed, virtual or in-person training.

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