To help your child stay active this summer, Walkabouts has created the Stay Active! Summer Challenge for pre-K to 2nd-grade students! The idea is simple – we’ve created a checklist of activities for children to complete during the summer. Print out our Stay Active Summer Challenge checklist, post it someplace visible, and fill it out as you go through the weeks.

By posting these activities in a place for your child to see, you’ll be reminding them of the importance of movement and encouraging them to complete the challenge.


For completing the Stay Active! Summer Learning Challenge, we’ll send your child a t-shirt and a Certificate of Achievement.

Bonus Prize

Encourage your children’s classmates and friends to participate in the challenge! The elementary school with the largest number of participating students will receive $1,000 in PE equipment, books, or other materials, courtesy of Walkabouts and our partners in movement and learning.

Types of Activities

What type of activities are part of the checklist and the Stay Active! Summer Challenge?

  • Sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball/softball, swimming, tennis
  • Running, hiking, walking, marching, galloping, skipping
  • Exercises such as jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups, squats, lunges, bicep curls
  • Creative movement such as dancing, yoga, stretching, spinning
  • Drawing letters, numbers, and pictures in the air with your finger or with your body
  • Quick movements in place such as fast feet, high knees, hopping, jumping rope


So to recap, here is how to participate in the Stay Active! Summer Challenge:

  • Print out the Summer Challenge checklist and post it on the fridge.
  • Complete the checklist.

When the checklist is complete, fill out our online form, or send a photo of the completed checklist to no later than September 1, 2018.

Will you accept the challenge?