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Creating a Walkabout is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

What are Walkabouts?

Walkabouts are more than brain breaks! Our web-based lessons activate Pre-K through 2nd grade curriculum with fun, standards-based movement. No special equipment or extra space needed!

Why just talk about it —
when you can walk about it?

Walkabouts are on-demand adventures that transform math, language arts, and reading content into short, movement-rich activities for Pre-K through Second Grade students. This research-based online tool makes it easy for teachers and parents to create lessons that bring key concepts to life through physical activity. Walkabouts even correlate to the state standards teachers already use to develop and manage their lesson plans. Plus, unlike traditional videos, Walkabouts are dynamic and different every time they play.


Across the country, students are moving less and less. They’re learning less, too. But recent research (from experts like our founder, Dr. Julian Reed) offers some good news: Physically active children aren’t just healthier, they learn better.


The Walkabouts platform was created to help kids move more — and learn more! Walkabouts are simple-to-use, cost-effective online lessons that help teachers, school systems, and parents bring educational standards to life in fun, interactive ways.


Perfect for elementary classes as well as before school and afterschool programs, Walkabouts don’t just increase students’ physical activity, they make educational standards come to life as movement-rich exercises.

Each Walkabout is…

7-10 minutes
in length

for easy use

suited to various learning styles

fun, effective movement integration

Dynamic and

every time!

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After they are logged in, teachers and parents can select a Walkabout in just a few clicks. Within minutes, students will be out of their seats and engaged in an active lesson that integrates fundamental movements such as hopping, jumping, and running with math, language arts, and reading content. Watch sample videos below!

Walkabouts Played

Minutes Moved

Miles Walked

What Teachers are Saying…

“I am beyond excited about what I discovered while getting to know Walkabouts! I found the science Walksheets and know that that will be incredibly helpful to our grade levels because we do not have a curriculum for science or social studies.”


Dana Wiggins

PE Teacher, Tennessee

“Thanks for such a great product! I just wanted to tell you how much our class is enjoying Walkabouts. We are using them as introductions to lessons and during transitions times. I use them just about everyday (and my students expect to see them now too!).”


Michele Davenport

Kindergarten Teacher, South Carolina

“The children and I have so enjoyed using the Walkabouts lessons this past year. They love getting out of their chairs and moving with the day’s lesson—it has been such a motivational learning tool! I would encourage any teacher/school/district to look into it.”


Jeanette Loveless

2nd Grade Teacher, Michigan

“In our school, ‘Every Student Matters and Every Moment Counts.’ Walkabouts is a wonderful way to provide movement and formative assessments simultaneously. Students enjoy the opportunity to move throughout the day, while teachers can observe the mastery of standard based skills.”


Windy Hodge

Principal, South Carolina

“ActivEd makes is effortless to integrate movement and concepts. It engages learners and their minds!”


2nd Grade Teacher

Hygiene Elementary, Colorado

“Walkabouts are a fun and engaging way that get my kids excited about learning. As soon as I tell them to get to a spot in the room they automatically know we are going to do a Walkabout and their enthusiasm is evident. It keeps them engaged in a world where they are constantly entertained. 100% of my students have mastered their basic addition facts (0-20) since we have incorporated movement and exercises daily… The kids really connect with the two characters, too; and they absolutely love the graphics…the street signs they always read aloud and say things like ‘yay, today we are going to the park.”


Colleen Grover

2nd Grade Teacher

“Once you join in and do the Walkabout and realize how fun it is and how good you feel afterwards, you are a fan!”


Laura Camp

Coordinator of Early Childhood

What Kids are Saying…

“I love your Walkabout because it made me smart and I also got energy in my body.”



 2nd Grade

“I loved when the girl in the Walkabouts taught us about Less than, equal to and greater than… I loved the music at the beginning of the Walkabout.”



 2nd Grade

“I like your Walkabouts because it teaches us more than, less than, and equal to. My second reason is that it helps us learn. My third reason is that I like the music.”



2nd Grade

“I love your Walkabouts because they teach me things I don’t know. They help me get some exercise. Your Walkabouts are amazing and exciting. Sometimes it brings happies to me. Your Walkabouts are things that bring exercises to us.”



 2nd Grade

“Thank you for making all the Walkabouts so we could understand by doing math and reading. I love the activity we did in the Walkabouts when we leaned right and leaned left.”



 2nd Grade

“I liked your Walkabouts because I like the way you thought. And I learned new things. And I think it was excellent and perfect! And I was encouraged to learn more. It was awesome!”



 2nd Grade

“I love the Walkabouts that you made because they are so fun to do. Thank you for helping me learn.”



2nd Grade

Activate Your Curriculum

Walkabouts are online adventures that transform math, language arts, and reading fundamentals into standards-based, movement-rich lessons for Pre-K through second grade students. At ActivEd, we know that kids learn more, are more engaged, and are healthier when they are active both in and out of the classroom.

A recent study showed that active kids are 20% more likely than their sedentary peers to earn an A in math or language.

Plans and Subscriptions

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Pre-K to 2nd

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Research Based.
Classroom Tested.

ActivEd and Walkabouts were inspired by years of published research about both education and health — and the correlation between the two. In fact, ActivEd founder Dr. Julian Reed is among the nation’s leading researchers exploring the relationship between issues such as obesity, cognition and academic achievement. Dr. Reed’s findings and his work helping equip and empower teachers across the country and continue to inform all facets of the Walkabouts platform. Click the following link to download our latest white paper, “The Science Behind Walkabouts.”

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